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  • Eric The Counselor

    Professional Mental Health Speaker

  • Eric The Counselor

    Eric D. Capehart, Sr.

    Author, Speaker and Mental Health Therapist

    Eric D. Capehart, Sr, MBA, MA (AKA Eric The Counselor) is an diligent goal-getter whose great work ethics and passion for excellence propels him not to give up on his mission to help people get to optimal mental health. Eric exhibits exceptional professionalism, personal initiative, and loyal devotion which reflect in him working with countless individuals in his career as well as lending of intellectual support under challenging and immense pressure.

    Eric’s fusion of his unique brand of straightforward and insightful guidance as a result of his mental health specialization connects with his patients and audiences at an intimate and individual level which leads to a deep focus on finding their purpose and passion.


    As a speaker embracing a boutique one to many approach, Eric The Counselor has also demonstrated superior commitment to helping others find optimal mental health by creating and delivering mental health talks and workshops that include:


    -Anxiety & Depression: How to beat anxiety and feel better now!

    -Beyond The Game: A Mental Health Experience for Student Athletes.

    -First Gen: A Mental Health Experience for First Generation College Students.


    Eric The Counselor is a wise leader that loves to be involved in his community, inspiring the young and old alike. His passion is anchored by the growing number of people who are getting serious about their mental health and he seeks to ignite thought, reshape minds and shift time-in order that people can express thoughts that redefine the status quo, departing from the traditional paradigm emerging into a mindset that embraces love, joy and peace. He always helps his client and audience to dismantle limiting beliefs and address everyday concerns as it pertains to mental wellness and happiness simply to remain balanced.

    Eric The Counselor, who is inspired by the likes of Tony Dungy and Bishop Joseph Walker III holds the belief that “If you can change your thinking, you can change your life.” Eric brings individuals freedom and fun as he refreshes the mindset, and makes them healthier with his mastery of therapy.



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